About Peter

osteopath sydneyPeter completed his Bachelor of Science at the University of New South Wales in 1986 and Graduate Diploma of Osteopathy from the International College of Osteopathy in 1988.

Peter’s influence over the past twenty years of his career has been expansive and prestigious and on a professional level he is a person that needs no introduction. He has worked across a number of specialised areas, in particular the performing arts and he is well respected within his chosen field by his peers for his many contributions towards continuing industry development and education.

Focusing for many years on performance art injuries, Peter worked as a consultant osteopath for the Sydney Dance Company, Bangarra Dance Theatre, Australian Choreographic Ensemble, Opera Australia and the Sydney Festival.

Peter worked with many of these organisations as a planning and injury management consultant and from 1991 was on the board of the Australian Choreographic Ensemble.

In 1993 Peter worked as the consultant osteopath on the movie Strictly Ballroom. He has gone on to work with the cast and crew of many other movies filmed both internationally and locally in addition to consulting on numerous visiting live shows.

Peter has also specialised in the area of prenatal care. He has successfully treated many of the problems associated with pregnancy including the treatment of back and limb pain in pregnancy, the turning of posterior and breach babies and helped women with overdue babies. He has taught broadly and been published in this area.

Peter has worked with continuing education at the professional association level and went on to write the course document for the combined undergraduate/Masters program at the University of Western Sydney , which he then assisted in establishing. In 2002 Peter was nominated as the ministerial appointment for education on the Osteopaths Registration Board of NSW.

Today, Peter continues his teaching and education role in the private sector alongside his two clinical practices he established in Bondi Junction and the CBD.