Winding up into the New Year

After the summer break, we are all heading back into the fray having re-vitalised ourselves and recharged our batteries. But how do we help ourselves to stay on top of when we are back into our routines. Here is a tip from your osteopath to help you improve your health and focus during the year.

One of the answers to help give ourselves a mental break is to meditate … a chance to rest the mind for a bit and restore your mental vitality.

Meditation is basically about focusing your attention to reduce, and even get rid of, the stream of racing and crowded and jumbled  thoughts that often take over our mind and are believed to be one of the of causes of stress.

An interesting study quoted in ‘The Guardian’ by Harvard Professor Daniel Gilbert concluded that 47% of the time our minds wander from what we are doing. The interesting fact here is that people were not at their happiest when their minds wandered and drifted into fantasy but rather when they were focused on the present.

Needless to say, meditation will help this process. Meditation will help, not only to improve your mental and emotional health, but some research suggests it will also help your physical health and help increase your longevity.

Click here to quickly read about 5 basic meditation types from The Mayo Clinic’s website. The major elements of meditation are;

1. Focusing your attention

2. Relaxed breathing

3. A quiet location

4. A comfortable position

So straightforward …  a little  something for you to think about as you embark on your new year

Tis That Time Of The Year Again

I have just finished organising the Christmas menu….. really , so much Champagne…..

Sitting here reflecting, I would like to take this moment and wish all of you a wonderful time over the festive season and all the best for 2011.

I look forward to being of service to you in the coming year.


Hoping you have a wonderful Christmas

Nic’s story ‘From Anxious to Happy’

So, there have been many comments on my lil interview with Nic and on his video as people have come through the clinics…… yes he certainly does live his talk.

For those of you who are interested in his book or more information on how you can be anxious but happy and learn about the steps to improve your wellness, click here to go to Nic’s  website From Anxious to Happy.

Remember that you can do so much yourself to reduce your anxiety and increase your happiness.

From Anxious to Happy

Following my blog the other day on happiness, many people have spoken to me to add their comments as they have come through my clinics.

Here is an interesting statistic which came out of one of the converstaions regarding happiness. The mainstream research has your happiness made up of 50% genetic, 10% life circumstance and 40% in your personal control. So there is definitely much we can do to effect our happines each day.

This last week I decided to follow up on this theme by interviewing my colleague and good friend Nic Lucas about this issue. Nic, as many of you know, is an osteopath, medical researcher and now digitial media strategist (ah Nic such a big term). What many of you dont know is that over ten years ago Nic suffered a major episode of anxiety which nearly destroyed him but, as we know, didn’t….. and in fact has made him stronger.

As a result of his journey through this dark period of his life, Nic wrote a book which chronicled hs story from the dual perspective of the person suffering the anxiety attacks and the medical researcher looking for the most legititmate path out. He wrote a book, which he has now turned into an ebook called “From Anxious to Happy”

So click here to find the interview with Nic and on that page you will also find a link to a video presentation whch talks about anxiety and how you can help yourself  or a loved one in this predicament or just see Nic sing a ballad……. aaah you see, there are more hidden talents in this man.

How to be Happy

At the Festival of Dangerous Ideas recently held at the Sydney Opera House, Ross Gittins, the economics editor from the Sydney Morning Herald spoke on a topic he called ‘affluenza’. This is also known as affluent anxiety and is a state we all see so much around us; In our quest to improve the quality of our lives we are getting more and more stressed.

An IQ2 debate in Sydney earlier in the year posed the topic ‘The Pursuit of Happiness is Making us Miserable’.

So why is this happiness so elusive and how do we find it without having to spend thousands of dollars?

A recent post from the Mayo clinic in the U.S recently put some simple advice together for helping us to find happiness. The essence of their article was that you can learn to be happy , and that happiness is modifiable and takes practice.

Here are five of their tips for taking the right actions to increase happiness in your life:

The first tip they suggest in practicing happiness is to surround yourself with happy people.

Next is to express gratitude in your life.

Step three is to cultivate optimism

Fourth, is to find a goal or a purpose, and finally

Learn to live in the moment

Click here to read the article; but before you do why not take a moment and try this quick stress test to see how stressed you really are.