7 Tips for Healthy Eating

The pace of our lives often leads to poor eating habits and poor diet.

Here are a few tips for you to consider when eating… remember we do become what we eat.

So no 1) look at your lifestyle and what you enjoy … try and find ways to eat healthily in ways that suit your likes and lifestyle. Making¬† a few small changes in the way you do things can add up to a big total at the end of the year.. small changes don’t feel like a sacrifice and yet “eating 200 calories less a day can mean 20 pounds of weightloss in a year”

2) Dont just focus on the meat and add a few boring veges on the side; Find interesting flavours to add to your vegetables. You will need to add more vegetables to your diet. It has been found that people eat the same weight of food but not the same calories, so fill up with more veges and go online to ind interesting ways to cook them.

3) Eat less meat. Eat more grains, nuts & seeds together with non-starchy vegetables & fruit – not only is this good for your health but also for the planet. For a little bit of that check the group that Paul McCartney got started at www.meatfreemonday.com

4) Separate your fats. Not all fats affect the body equally. polyunsaturated & monosaturated fats are the ‘good’ fats. They dont raise cholesterol & even help in reducing cardiovascular disease. These are found in nuts, vegetable oils & fish oils.

Saturated fats are the ‘bad’ fats found more in dairy and beef products, palm & coconut oils.

5) Decrease your portion size. The best advice here is to finish eating before you feel full. You will have eaten enough and will not feel that bloated over-eaten feeling 20 minutes after a meal.

6) Eat, don’t drink your calories. Fluid does not fill you up in the same way that food does. The best drink you can have is water.

7) Limit packaged food. Eat more fresh food and avoid the heavily processed packaged food.

To read a little more on each of these eating tips, check out the full article  here and bon apetit